Do I need an SD Card? 

Yes, you will require any standard SD card to transfer your new kits onto your module.

Are the sets specific for different Roland V-Drum modules?

Yes, you will need to purchase your pack for the module you use.

Can I use the TD50 version of the sound sets with the new TD50X module?

No, but we do now have compatible versions with the TD50X module upgrade so just make sure you select the TD50X version for download.

How do I load my kits onto my module?

We have a series of videos showing you how to do this for each specific module . You can check these out here.

Should my module be running the latest system update version?

You may experience possible weirdness if you are running an older version and recommend you run the up to date version.

Why can I only fit a handful of kits on my TD17 module at once?

This is a memory limitation of the TD17 module for user sample data, our patches are provided in the highest resolution using 24bit samples and therefore require more space. It’s fairly simple to swap kits in and out of your module quickly. You can always save backup files of different kit load configs for quick change.

 What format are the samples used in your kits?

24bit WAV.

Why don't you produce packs for the popular TD30 module?

Simple, the TD30 can't load WAV samples. All our kits use WAV samples recorded by us for Kick, Snare & Toms.

Can you explain how the different packs are vary?

Shell Packs - Our shell packs are specific packs containing patches/kits using sounds recorded from that one specific drum kit or shell set.

Studio Packs - Our Studio Packs are a selection of patches/kits recorded from a collection of different drum kits giving you a bigger range of sounds to play with.

Artist Packs - Our Artist Packs are aimed at delivering patches/kits with likeness to a particular artist or band.

Do your kits include rim shots?

Yep, on snare and toms and Xstick were appropriate.

Can I request a specific artist for you to do in your artist packs?

Why not. Hit us up with an email as we are always interested on what packs folks might be interested in.